We would like to take this time and explain how we work. 

Please take the time to read this to avoid disappointment in using our service.

We are a community platform for helpers who want to help and people who need help. 


How Cleaners & Service Providers are vetted:


  • We have a face to face interview and 1-hour chat about work history and life commitments to make sure you get the best result. 

  • If they are experienced cleaners, they get basic training of 2 hours. 

  • If they are inexperienced we let them shadow someone for a week to get them up to scratch. 

  • We also take copies of their passports or ID's and a copy of proof of residency.

  • We ring 2 of past employers for a reference. 

  • Some of our helpers are CRB / DBS checked but we do not do this ourselves as all our helpers are self-employed they are not employed by us. 



We work very hard at weeding out those service providers that are time wasters or are unreliable. 

We, pride ourselves on reliability and punctuality. 

At Yenza we have chosen to work with the world's most unpredictable commodity and that is human beings. 


While we put lots of measures in place to reduce unreliability  Sometimes things do go wrong. So please give us a chance to find you a person that will fit best with your expectations. 

This might take a few tries but most of the time we manage to do this first time around. 

We also appreciate your patience and understand your frustration if you might have a bad experience with finding the right person. 

We ask that you do not let this ruin it for our 35-other hard working helpers on our books. 


  • A helper misses an appointment 

Please let us know so we can find you a replacement

We ask each helper to contact you if they cannot make your appointment – every helper will have your email, contact number and address – so there should be very little reason not to contact you. However sometimes things happen outside of our and their control – accidents, sickness, lost phone etc… 

We are a reactive service in this instance and if you let us know we will try and find you a replacement or rearrange your appointment. 

We often have Helpers on standby looking for extra hours that could possibly help you. 

We cannot guarantee a replacement but our team will work tirelessly to contact as many helpers as we can to try and find a replacement. 
Missed appointment 

  • Change my helper

If you do not like the helper who has been assigned to you or you feel you would like to try out some other helpers please let us know and we will happily find you a new helper. Please also remember to specify what you would like the cleaners to do – leave them a list or text them instructions ( they love direction ). If they are not given specific instructions, they will go through a list of tasks we would have given them to do on all our standard cleans. 
Change my helpers

  • Need to change your appointment.

You can make a change like this up to 48 hours in advance. If you cancel under 48 hours you will still be charged as the service providers will miss out on work they could have had in that time. However we do understand emergency do occationally happen so please let us know and we will see what we can arrange. 
Change in schedule

  • Rescheduling 

Sometimes you might get a rescheduling email. As we work with humans there are some situation and days when a booking might need to be changed. We will always try keep the same time and date and cleaner by default but sometimes the times may change or the person may change. If the reschedule does not fit simply hit cancel on rescheduling email or email us here. If there is a change in cleaner check them out on our Meet the Team page to see who is coming. 


  • Payment

Why do we take payment upfront?

This is to secure the Helpers time and our 48 hour cancellation policy – if you cancel last minute or the Helpers is not able to do the service even though they had attended the property they still need to be paid as they would have been able to fill their time with another client if they had adequate notice. 



  • If you are on our regular service.

Currently, our payment platform is separated out from our booking platform as our payment platform is regulated by the financial services industry (Stripe – this is a safe place for your payment details). When we put you on our regular service we create a subscription service for you on this system. Even if you cancel an appointment this will not automatically halt the payment service – annoying I know (hence we are in the process of building a better platform – but this take time – coming this summer 2019! ). We have to manually go into the payment platform and halt the payment – sometimes it might have already come off. Do not worry if this has happened we will refund you immediately but as of summer, this will all become automated. If we have missed a refund let us know and our team will happily sort this out for you. 


  • I do not want to be on a subscription service. 

No problem we can accommodate this – we can bill you a month in advance and you can pay pro-rata. Then in the following month if an appointment was not kept we will credit your account for you. 


  • Missed payments 

If for whatever reason your payment is missed or not taken from your account, you are still liable for this payment of this service. All service rendered are liable for payment. So, if payment was not taken off your account the day before please be aware we will take payment at some point within the month.

My Specification 

We know you are a busy