January 24, 2019

How to do room-by-room home cleaning? American families have less free time than ever to tend to house cleaning chores, but it becomes an overwhelming task if you don’t keep up with it. Here are some professional house cleaning tips for each room and how often to clean the most frequently used living areas of a home. Cleaning kitchen and dining areas: If you do nothing else daily, make sure you wash the dishes and clean the sink and countertops. Wipe up messes on the stove and inside the microwave. Floors are a constant cleaning job depending on what’s been dropped, but if you’ve managed to keep it reasonably clean, mop weekly. Every few weeks, run a cleaning solution through the dishwasher to prevent buildup and ensure sparkling dishes.  It’s also a good idea to clear out the refrigerator bef...

January 21, 2019

How to clean the soap dish of a front loader washing machine. Watch this quick video on how to do this.

January 20, 2019

Whether you hire a cleaner to clean or go the DIY route, one area that shouldn’t be overlooked is the kitchen — in particular, the instruments used to clean dishes and appliances. Most of us associate dishwashing products and tools with cleanliness in the home, but a failure to replace old tools can actually spread bacteria, reduce cleanliness and negatively impact the overall health of you and your family members. Failing to properly clean and regularly replace your dishwashing tools can result in very serious problems, it's important to practice maintenance and more frequent replacement of these tools to ensure a healthy and clean environment.

January 19, 2019

In London we work in very close quarters and are exposed to many germs and virus hence having a healthy clean London office space both physically and mentally is very important. Often the office is like a second home. No one wants to work in an office cluttered with rubbish, dirty and full of germs. It can leave workers feeling undervalued and demotivated as a result unproductive. Clients will also get the wrong impression about the company. Below are 10 tips to create a happy clean working space.