Carpet Cleaning

Our Yenza Carpet Cleaning Provides Professional Carpet Cleaning 

At Yenza Carpet Cleaning, we offer Professional Carpet Cleaning Services using a hot water extraction process that is also commonly called steam cleaning or carpet shampooing.

Our Technicians use the latest fast-drying steam cleaning equipment, have many years of experience, are fully insured and offer a fantastic level of customer service.


Minimum Spend: £40.00 - All Prices exclude VAT at 20% .
Prices are based on average room sizes (Priced at 25p per Sq Foot + Vat )



Used on those areas that are heavily soiled and needs a little help to break up the dirt. With the added advantage of conditioning sanitising & deodorising your carpet. Perfect for allergy suffers & households with children, pets, smokers etc. £30.00 (Per Home)

Stain Protector

To repel soiling & staining and keep your carpets cleaner for longer £15.00 per room.

Flea & Mite

Whole Property £42.00


Our technicians can clean coffee stains, mud, wine, urine and even pet stains and bad odours. We will attempt to eradicate all those engrained stains and bad odours leaving your home a much nicer, cleaner and healthier place. In fact, we'll even remove deep-down dirt you can't see!


  • Rapid Drying Times

  • We Can Move Furniture

  • Wool Cleaning Specialists

  • All of our treatments are Safe For Children & Pets

  • We Do Not Use Harsh or Toxic Chemicals

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