Our Corporate Social Responsibility


Our company is committed to supporting the Government’s vision for Corporate Social Responsibility.

We’re aware that everything we do has an effect on the communities and the environment in which we work. And so we’re entirely committed to operating in a socially responsible and environmentally-sustainable manner.

Our full CSR policy is available by emailing info@ Meanwhile, here are some key points:


Standards of business conduct:

  • We abstain from all unfair business practices

  • We consult with our customers and our suppliers to address all environmental, social and economic issues relating to our work

  • We conduct our business according to the most rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards

  • We will only engage in competitive behaviour that is reasonable and fair

Ethical trading:

  • We research the provenance of all of the products that we use in our business. We train relevant employees in social and environmental issues. We insist that all of our staff behave politely and respectfully when engaged on company business

Working with suppliers:

  • We go to great lengths to ensure that companies in our supply chain adhere to the same principles and policies that inform our approach to CSR. We will continue to work with our suppliers to actively:

  • Promote more environmentally friendly products and promote these to our customers

  • Reduce the amount of packaging and transit where possible

  • Implement schemes to take back, recover, re-use and recycle products at the end of their use/life

The environment:

  • We work with our suppliers to reduce their/our impact on the environment, assessing the production, use and disposal of the products we employ

Human right, equality and diversity:

  • We support the protection of all internationally-recognised human rights – and we aim to eliminate discrimination on any grounds and to promote equality of opportunity in our own employment policies and those of our suppliers


  • We operate a sustainable procurement policy that prompts staff to consider sustainability as a factor in all purchasing decisions

Impact on the community:

  • Wherever possible we work to support the needs of local communities and through dialogue to implement initiatives accordingly