Who are your Taskers?

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Updated 1 year ago

Our Taskers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including young professionals, stay-at-home parents, retirees, students and others who want to help their neighbors while earning some extra money. Taskers go through an extensive vetting process before they can join our community, including an identity verification and in-person orientation session. 

Can I hire more than one Tasker for a task?

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Updated 9 months ago


Since all Taskers are independent contractors, each task invitation is assigned to only one individual Tasker. If you would like more than one Tasker for a task, you do need to submit a new request for each additional hire. This ensures that every invoice is allocated properly to each Tasker's personal account. 

For example, if you need two people to help you move across town, please hire the two separate Taskers on their own. You cannot request two Taskers with the same task invitation. Please know that Taskers are not permitted to bring a friend to a task; all Taskers must be verified and background checked in order for the TaskRabbit Guarantee to remain valid.

Can I speak with a Tasker before I hire them?

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Updated 9 months ago

For privacy reasons, our system requires that a task be posted in order to converse with a Tasker, but you will always have the opportunity to talk to your Tasker before any work is completed! 

If you're hiring a Tasker directly, we recommend taking some time to check their profile, read reviews left by other Clients, and look over their hourly rates to determine the best match for your task. Once you have hired a Tasker, you will be able to send them a message or call them directly through the easy-to-use chat feature. This communication process will be exactly the same for tasks posted to Quick Assign: after an available Tasker assigns him or herself to the job, your chat thread will be live enabling you to confirm any details. 

What if the Tasker I hired is not right for the job?

If after chatting you decide this Tasker isn't the best fit for your task, you can always cancel the task. Instructions on cancelling a task can be found here. 


Rescheduling or Cancelling

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Updated 11 days ago

If circumstances have changed and you no longer need your task completed, you have the option to cancel or reschedule your task before it is completed. To reschedule, you will want to communicate with your Tasker directly. Reach out to your Tasker in the chat thread as soon as possible and see if they can work with you on finding a new appointment time. If you don't know how to contact your Tasker, pleaseclick here. Taskers have the ability to set a new appointment time once it has been agreed upon by both Client and Tasker. Taskers are often booked far in advance so if your Tasker is no longer available you may need to cancel your task and rebook.


To cancel, on the web please visit your online dashboard and select the small circle with three dots inside the task window. This will reveal a drop down menu where you can cancel your task. See picture below for more details.

Do I need to pay VAT?

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Updated 7 months ago

The following TaskRabbit fees are subject to VAT:

- The TaskRabbit Service Fees (which are 30% of the cost of the Task when booking a new Tasker, or 15% of the fee when booking a repeat Tasker, charged within the Task cost)

- The 5% Trust and Safety Fee (charged on top of the Task cost)

VAT registered businesses have the option to add their VAT numbers in the My Account section and will not be charged VAT.

VAT charges will be shown on your invoice (see below) after the task has been completed.

What is the TaskRabbit Service Fee?

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Updated 7 months ago

When you post a task, you choose a Tasker based on their skills, reviews and hourly rate. The hourly rate you see is inclusive of the payment for your Tasker and the 30% TaskRabbit service fee. Your Tasker sees the price that you pay, as well as the exact hourly rate they will earn.

For example, if you pay £100, £70 goes to your Tasker. The TaskRabbit service fee is 30% of the total price you pay for the task, excluding any reimbursements made to the Tasker (they get 100% of any reimbursements).

A reduced service fee is available to all Taskers, which decreases the service fee from 30% to 15%. This reduced service applies on a task in which a Client hires a specific Tasker they've worked with before. 

A 5% Trust & Safety fee is added on top of the the hourly total for your Tasker. More information on this fee can be found here. 

Please note that VAT is charged on the above mentioned fees (TaskRabbit Service Fee and Trust & Safety Fee). More information on VAT charges can be found here.



The TaskRabbit Trust & Safety Fee

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Updated 7 months ago

At TaskRabbit, the safety of our community is our top priority. The TaskRabbit Trust & Safety fee supports our $1M TaskRabbit Insurance Guarantee on each and every task, our superb Customer Support team, and our illustrious Tasker vetting process.

What is this fee?

A 5% Trust & Safety fee is added to your Tasker’s hourly rate. Out-of-pocket expenses and reimbursements will not be subject to the Trust & Safety fee. You will see a line item noting the 5% Trust & Safety fee on your receipt once the task is complete. The fee is also mentioned on the confirmation page before you book a Tasker.

What does this fee support 

We’ve instituted a 5% Trust & Safety fee to ensure that TaskRabbit remains the safest marketplace in the world. To achieve this, we are investing in the following areas:

The TaskRabbit $1M Protection Pledge

Each and every task is insured up to $1 million (USD). When you find help on TaskRabbit, you can be assured that we’ll be there if, in the rare event, something unexpected happens during the task.

Continued investment in our Customer Support Team

Sometimes you just need to talk to a person. That’s why we have a team available to take your call. TaskRabbit is investing in the team, tools, training and channels to support you in getting your task completed. If you prefer self-service, we’re also continually investing in features to help you get answers and support quickly - when and where you need them.

Rigorous Tasker Vetting

Our Taskers are amazingly qualified, educated and dedicated to helping you get your to-dos done. We continue to invest in robust identity verifications, ensuring each Tasker participates in an in-person orientation session before their first task, and finding new and novel ways to vet Taskers for qualifications and capabilities.

We firmly believe in providing a safe and trusted marketplace where you can rely on us to get things done. This change will help us make a long-term commitment to providing the safest platform.

How does this fee impact what Taskers get paid?

The Trust & Safety fee does not impact what a Tasker is paid. The 5% Trust and Safety fee is a distinct fee added to your invoice at the end of the task. It will not impact the amount that your Tasker is paid for the task. 

How does this impact the task posting experience? 

You can continue to post a task as normal. You will see a line item noting the 5% Trust and Safety fee on your receipt once the task is complete.

Can I Leave A Tip?

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Updated 7 months ago

TaskRabbit is designed to be a cashless platform, and there is not currently an option to add a tip to the invoice. Taskers are setting their own hourly rates with this in mind and are able to manage these rates as necessary.

While you aren't able to tip your Tasker, we highly recommend providing them with positive reviews for their work and rehiring them for your future tasks. TaskRabbit rewards Taskers who provide outstanding Client experiences and who build ongoing relationships with their Clients, so the best thing you can do is to give your Tasker a great rating and book additional appointments to help complete more of your to-do list!

How Do I Pay My Tasker?

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Updated 11 days ago

The entire payment process (including reimbursements) is handled securely online after a task is completed. Before your task is posted, you will be prompted to enter in a credit card. We ask for your billing information when you're posting your task to verify your identity and to validate your card for payment to your Tasker. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Your credit card will not be charged until 24 hours after your task has been successfully completed, leaving you time to review the pending charges and ensure accuracy.

There's no need for cash to change hands, as we are a cashless platform. Once your Tasker has finished your task, they'll submit the number of hours worked plus any agreed upon expenses incurred while completing the task for reimbursements. Reimbursements do not include tips and those are not promoted on the platform. For more information on tipping, please visit this article.

Please note that there is a one hour minimum on all tasks posted. Your Tasker will not be able to invoice for any less than the one hour minimum. Taskers are not able to invoice for less than one hour. Once the one hour minimum has been reached, Taskers are then able to invoice for more specific timeframes in 15 minute increments (ex: 1.5 hours, 3.75 hours, etc.).

 You'll receive an invoice showing the number of hours worked and the total cost of the task which includes the 30% service fee, and 5% Trust and Safety fee which is not included in the hourly rate and is added at the end of your task. You will also see VAT which is charged, not on the total task cost, but only on the TaskRabbit Service Fee and Trust and Safety Fee. Your card will be automatically charged 24 hours after your Tasker submits their hours worked. 

If you're looking to add a promo code to your task, please visit this article.

All invoices will be sent to the email associated with your TaskRabbit account. If you need a invoice resent, have questions about your invoice, or need assistance adding your credit card information, please contact help@taskrabbit.co.uk

How Do I Reimburse My Tasker For Expenses?

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Updated 7 months ago

Some tasks may require a Tasker to purchase items on your behalf. If so, Taskers can add any agreed-upon expenses to the reimbursements section of your invoice. They should also include a photo of the receipt in your chat thread, or provide you with the original copy, as proof of the expenditure.

Please keep in mind that each Tasker will have their own personal limits for how much they are willing to spend for a task. It is helpful to include the expected cost of the items within your task description to ensure that you are matched with a Tasker who can make the purchase.

It is best to handle reimbursements through your invoice rather than in cash, as TaskRabbit will not be responsible for any disputes that arise from off-platform payments. If any cash is exchanged, it can only be for purchases and should be clearly documented with a message from you and your Tasker in your chat thread (ex: "I reimbursed Tasker £23.50 in cash for the food purchase.”).

If a Tasker is asked to purchase items of high value, they may call into Customer Support to verify the purchase. If a task cannot be fulfilled due to the expense amount, we recommend arranging a way to prepay for the items and using a Tasker to deliver them to you. If you have particular questions about your task expenses, please chat with your assigned Tasker or feel free to contact our Customer Support team for clarification.

Identity Verification

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Updated 1 month ago

All Taskers must undergo an Identity Verification before going live on the TaskRabbit platform.

To allow your identity to be verified, please provide us with:

1) Your full address. This address should be where you are registered at with credit agencies, electoral roll, HMRC etc.

2) A clear, colour image of a state-issued ID. 

  • We can only accept Passports, UK Driving Licenses and some National Identity Cards. If you are providing us with a national identity card, please send us a photo of both the front and back of the ID.

  • Please take a high resolution photo or scan, with the text clear and readable (preferably with it placed flat against a neutral surface).

  • Include all 4 corners of the document in the photo so nothing is cut out.

  • The MRZ line containing ˂˂˂˂˂5555˂˂˂˂example˃˃˃˃˃˃777˃˃˃ is particularly important so please do not cut this off.

  • Avoid shadow, reflections and fingers obscuring the numbers so the image is clear. Filesize should be larger than 200KB and smaller than 3MB.

This information should be sent to help@taskrabbit.co.uk

Please see examples below for how your submitted ID should look:

Why do you need my personal information?

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Updated 1 month ago

In order to process your registration, we need personal information to process an identity verification which helps keep the TaskRabbit community safe.

Your bank account and sorting numbers are necessary to set up your method of payment on the platform. TaskRabbit is only able to issue payment to Taskers through direct deposit; we do not issue checks.

We take seriously the need to protect your personal information and do so with the latest encryption technologies available. Of course, your information will never be shared with third parties and is solely for internal use.

What do I need to be a Tasker?

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Updated 8 months ago

To be a Tasker in the UK, please meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age: All Taskers must meet this age requirement in  order to perform tasks, no exceptions. (Please note that if you wish to become a Tasker in the US, the age requirement is at least 21 years of age.)

  • Be able to work in London (or one of our 18 active metro areas in the US): Unfortunately, we are not on boarding Taskers outside of these metro areas but please be sure to keep up with us as we hope to expand to other cities soon! You can see a full list of cities at the bottom of this page.

  • Provide us with personal information for a ID verification: We do not use your private information for any other reasons and it is securely stored using SSL encryption. Your banking information is needed as you will have to have a UK banking account for us to directly deposit funds into once you are approved

  • Have a UK Bank Account with a Financial Institution: To be a Tasker you must have a checking account. Savings accounts, prepaid debit cards and re-loadable bank cards will not work, even if they accept direct deposits.

  • Have a valid credit/debit card: If your registration is successful, we will charge your credit card a £5 fee to cover the cost of your background check. This charge will be fully refunded if you complete your first task in the first 30 days that you’re on the platform.

  • Have skills and capabilities: We currently have over 40+ categories including: Delivery, Personal Assistance, Delivery, & Minor Home Repairs. We expect our Taskers to be skilled in their categories, represent themselves accurately, and keep commitment to their Clients.

  • Have a smartphone: You'll be managing your tasks through our Tasker app, which is not available in either the Apple or Google Play stores. We do not have a Windows application at this  time. You must have iOS 7.0 or later, or Android version 4.0.3 or later

  • A full list of our Tasker Best Practices can be found here.

 If you meet all of these requirements, please click here to register!