Terms and Conditions

By booking a service you automatically agree to our Terms of Service. 

Please follow link to read our terms of service. 

Are your staff Vetted ?


Cleaners: Each of our cleaners has their previous work history confirmed and references checked. Most of our staff have worked in hotels as cleaners. If they have not worked in the UK before they will shadow one of our existing Service Providers until we are confident that they belong on our platform. All our staff are self-employed. If someone has a special qualification it will stipulate under their bio. Please see more under each Service Providers profile when booking. Each cleaner will undergo a one-week training process, this is also dependant on their experience levels - to ensure their cleaning is of a high standard. 


Babysitters : Babysitters are either Aupairs, Nursery staff or childminders. They will normally have their own DBS checks done. They will be vetted by ringing up previous and current employers. Copies of ID's made. Please see individual bio's of people. 


Dog walkers : I myself have a dog ... a springer spaniel and all dog walkers need to walk with me and my dog - Loopy and then take him out on their own twice... If he comes back tired and they are still in one piece then it's a good dog walker... He's a springer spaniel (enough said). Again all are reference checked and interviewed.


As we are a very small company we do not DBS check all our Service Providers yet but will be in the future. Service Providers placed on the system based on past experience and recommendations and testing. 

Do we have insurance ?

YES we do.

What we are covered for :

Policy Cover

  • Employer's Liability £10 Million

  • Public Liability £1 Million

  • Please note while we do have insurance there is a £250 insurance excess that is payable by the client, unfortunately, the company is not liable for this insurance claim and no claims can be made under £250. 

Why use us ? What do we actually do for you?

Isurance, Disputes, Holiday cover, Changing a cleaner

So why should you use us and not just go to the cleaners directly? What do we actually do other than just provide a platform for clients to find service providers. 

  • We screen all the service providers. It is a very specific kind of service provider that can work thorugh us. 

  • We are insured for up to £10 Million for Employers Liablity and £1 Million Public Liability - should something go wrong.

  • We help with holiday cover or sickness.

  • We help mediate any kind of disputes between service providers and clients.

  • We can help you find the perfect service provider by trialing a few different people. 

Do you do regular or adhoc services only ?

We do BOTH!

If you require a regular service of some sort - please contact HERE and we will set up a regular cleaner for you.


We offer weekly, every two weeks or a monthly regular service. 

Am I stuck in a contract for a regular clean ?


While you are not tied into a contract it would be kind if you could give us 2 week notice if you dont require a regular clean any more

Can I change my service ?


You can cancel or change your service up until 48 hours before the service. After this time the service will be billed as per normal. Please contact us HERE or use the rescheduling tool on your reminder or coenfirmation email. 

Cleaning products

Staff do not bring their own

Cleaning products Our ladies do not bring their own cleaning materials. We feel this is a more hygienic approach. As then there is no transfer of pet hair, allergens or dust might.

Cleaning materials that we suggest be on hand for a service are :

If you would like your oven cleaned we can do this for you. Simply book online for a specific oven clean if you feel this is a big job and needs some extra elbow grease. 

However if you feel it just needs a domestic clean Mr Muscle oven clean is the best oven cleaner for the job. 

Staff payment

Fair and happy staff

Our staff are paid an above average industry rate. This ensures the quality and reliability of service providers and allows us to pick and choose the best. All services need to be paid in full before the service commences. This will be done as you go through the booking process with us. There is there for no need to have cash on hand or pay staff when they are finished. Staff are paid automatically once the service is completed.


We do not store your card information we use Stripe  as a payment portal and tool.


Yes they will be safe

If you are not on site when the service is being under taken you will need to leave a key with accurate description of where it will be left. We do suggest a key box or leaving it with the neighbours. We do not encourage our staff to take keys home with them unless the clients specifically asks for them to do so. We highly recommend that the staff to not get to keep your keys. This safe guards both parties. If keys are taken home with staff our staff are instructed how to keep them safe. 

Please note: We suggest not giving out your keys. Helping Hands will not be help liable for lost of stollen keys. 

Amazon has a great array of key rocks and key safes - click on the links to see them. 

Will I always get the same cleaner ?

Yes if possible

While you will normally get the same cleaner each week, if someone is off ill or on holiday will do our best to send you a replacement cleaner. But you will be notified of this change. 


If you are doing a one off service or services you can choose who you wish to have come to your house from the menu when booking.

Do all staff speak english ?

Most do but not all.

While we do our best to hire staff that can speak english, some of our staff don’t. We get around this using translating apps on their phones and asking clients to please fill in their cleaning requirements when booking. Those staff that do struggle with English have a supervisor who speaks both their language and English and will happily translate over the phone for you. 

What if I dont like a service provider ?

Call us and we will change them

We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and friendliness and eagerness to work hard for our customers. But as we are all human some personalities just don't go well together. If you are unhappy with your fit please email us on the HERE and we will happily find you a new service provider. 


This is extra and not included in our prices

If a service provider arrives with a car to do a job for you and there is no free parking you will be required to pay for the parking unless you can provide residence parking discs or permits. 

No show

Forgotten appointment / no show by service provider

If the service provider is a no show - we will attempt to reschedule the appointment - failure to come to an agreeable schedule - the client booking the service will be refunded for this service. 

The refund will be made to the same card used to do the booking.


If the Client who booked is not at the allocated address or there is no one to let the service provider in or no keys have been left, or the key was the incorrect key or the key is broken or there is an aggressive dog on the premises -  the service provider will wait 15min and then will leave the property. The service provider will attempt to contact the client but will leave after 15 minutes. 

The client will be billed in full for a failure to enter the property appointment. 


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