Helpers and Client Best Practices

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At TaskRabbit, we’re big on trust and safety. These best practices help ensure that every appointment is a delightful, safe and trusted experience for both our Clients and Helpers


Best Practices for Helpers     

Helping Hands is your platform to grow your business. To be successful, here are five simple things you can do:

  • Represent yourself accurately:  To be successful at Helping Hands, set accurate criteria for the tasks you want to perform, including your availability, hourly rate and work area. Please keep this information up-to-date.

  • Set clear expectations with your Clients:  Surprises usually are not a good thing when it comes to tasking, so please ensure that nothing unexpected happens while you’re working on a job. Be sure to set clear expectations about task timing, out-of-pocket expenses and any other details that are relevant to completing the task.

  • Communication with Client: Communications with your Client are time sensitive. We do not supply your contact details to clients so be sure to communicate with them if need be via the app. 

  • Be reliable:  This one’s simple - please do what you say you'll do. Show up on time (or early) and stay until the job is done. It is critical that you complete all the tasks that you take on and deliver the best service possible.

  • Treat Helping Hands like your business:  As you know, Helping Hands is a platform to grow your own business. Delivering great experiences will result in even more work for you. Ask yourself what will make this Client want to hire you again and deliver an experience that matches those expectations.

The following sections provide more detail on what we expect from you as a Helper. Please be aware that violation of these guidelines may result in reduced access to jobs, or outright removal from the website.


The 3 Pillars of Helpers Success

  1. Reliable

  2. Professionalism

  3. High quality work 

The workings of Helping hands

  1. Accepting a job

  2. Forfeiting

  3. Available Tasks

  4. Hourly rates and negotiations

  5. Expenses and reimbursements

  6. Safety

  7. Urgent Issues and TaskRabbit Member Services

  8. Performance Standards Compliance

  9. What not to do

  10. Grounds for immediate removal from the TaskRabbit Community

The 3 pillars of Helpers Success are:


  • Arrive 5 min early

  • Arrive for you jobs

  • If you are late or cannot make a job let the client and the office know.

  • If you miss more than 2 appointments in a row with out a valid excuse you will be removed from the system. 


  • Helping hands is a community for professionals looking to create positive Client experiences.  Any unprofessional behavior impacts the entire Community and will not be tolerated.

  • Some tips to demonstrate professionalism: Use your real name and a recent professional photo (that clearly shows your face) on your profile.

  • Arrive dressed appropriately, clean and neat.

High-Quality Work

  • Understand the expectations of the Client and complete your job in a manner consistent with these expectations.

  • You should not accept a task that you feel ill-equipped to handle and you should not perform low-quality work on a job.                 

  • Perform all jobs yourself. You may not outsource your jobs to a third party, company or competitor.

  • If you require additional help on a job, it is critical that that person also be a registered Helping hand. This is for the safety of you and your Client.  If anything goes wrong on a job as a result of the actions of someone who is not a registered Helping Hand, they (and you) may not be covered by Helping Hands £1M Insurance Guarantee.

The Nitty-gritty on Tasking Procedures

Ok, so what do the pillars of Tasker success look like in action? This section outlines how we expect you to conduct your business on our platform.

Accepting invitations

  • We provide tools for you to tell us the types of tasks you are willing to do, at what times, in what areas and at what rate. We expect you to accept tasks that fall within the boundaries that you’ve set.

  • Clients invest time and effort in selecting a specific Tasker. That’s why accepting every task invitation you receive is very important. A Client specifically asked to work with you.

  • A low invitation acceptance rate is grounds for reduced access to task opportunities, or outright removal from the TaskRabbit Community.


  • Forfeiting a task can quickly turn a great opportunity into a negative Client experience. Task forfeiting should be a last resort and only reserved for extenuating circumstances.

  • Some legitimate reasons for forfeiting a task include: feeling you cannot deliver a high-quality experience for the Client, not having the proper tools for the task, or feeling unsafe about a task. Scheduling conflicts are not considered a legitimate reason for forfeiting a task given the schedule management tools we provide.

  • Frequent forfeiting may result in reduced access to task opportunities, or outright removal from, the TaskRabbit Community.

  • If a Client has to cancel a task within 5 hours of the scheduled time, you may be eligible for 1 hour of payment (if you have been assigned for more than 1 hour). Please for more information regarding this policy. 

Available tasks

  • Available tasks are a great way to pick up tasks quickly, fill openings in your schedule and build Client relationships.

  • Hourly rates on available task are non-negotiable, so only accept a a task if you are prepared to perform the task for the stated rate and you have enough information about the task from the chat thread. Attempts to renegotiate the hourly rate on a available task is grounds for reduced access to task opportunities, or outright removal from, the TaskRabbit Community.

  • Only accept available tasks if you feel confident that you can and will complete the task.  If the task does not have enough information to provide you this confidence, do not accept the task. Acceptance is a commitment to perform the task.

Hourly rates and negotiations

  • In your profile you have the ability to set your hourly rate for different task types. These hourly rates are considered a commitment to the Community and Clients take them into consideration when inviting you to a task. They are non-negotiable once a task is assigned.

  • We encourage you to regularly review your rates to ensure that they are commensurate with your skill level, experience, availability, etc.

  • If you believe a task has been miscategorized or the Client has been dishonest in dealings, you can forfeit the invitation and select the “Price Isn’t Fair” forfeit reason.

  • Attempts to negotiate your hourly rate after receiving an invitation is considered a violation of Client trust and is grounds for reduced access to task opportunities, or outright removal from, the TaskRabbit Community.

Expenses and reimbursements

  • Before performing a task, set appropriate expectations with the Client on out-of-pocket expenses. If not managed appropriately, seeking payment for out-of-pocket expenses and reimbursements can result in a bad Client experience, negative Tasker ratings or a policies violation.  

  • It is safe to assume you will be reimbursed for any purchases you make on behalf of a Client as part of a task (e.g. groceries or a food delivery).

  • Do not ask Clients to reimburse for transportation costs (petrol, public transportation fees) associated with a task unless the task involves travel outside of your set work area (you can change this at any time) or excessive transportation (requesting coverage for congestion charge and parking is acceptable, but you must first ask the Client before adding this as an expense). If there are significant costs associated with serving a particular area, please take that into consideration when setting your work area and hourly rates in your profile.

  • If the task involves travel outside of your work area or excessive transportation, set these expectations with the Client in advance of performing the task. This gives the Client adequate time to cancel the task and seek a replacement if they so choose.

  • If you purchase a tool or supplies for a particular job, do not expect to be reimbursed for that purchase.  If you do want to be reimbursed for that purchase, be upfront with the Client and consider the purchase to be the property of the Client.

  • To protect yourself and the TaskRabbit Community, be careful about accepting tasks that include the purchase of high-value items (over £100).  It is good practice to contact TaskRabbit Member Services via or at 020 3808 4516 when presented with these tasks.  They can help you verify that the task is legitimate and safe.


  • Above all else, your safety and well-being are our top priority. If, for any reason, you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please professionally and politely leave the task and remove yourself from the situation and call TaskRabbit Member Services as soon as possible. If necessary, call the local authorities first.

  • Do not complete any tasks that put you at risk financially or physically. This includes meeting a Client for a delivery under suspicious circumstances.

  • If you require additional help on a task, it is critical that that person also be a registered Tasker.  This is for the safety of you and your Client.  If anything goes wrong on a task as a result of the actions of someone who is not a registered Tasker, they are (and you) may not covered by the TaskRabbit $1M Insurance Guarantee.

Urgent Issues  and TaskRabbit Member Services

  • TaskRabbit Member Services exists for the benefit of all members, including Taskers.  If you are having any issues with a task that is in-flight or soon to happen, please contact our Members Services Team on our Emergency Line at 020 3808 4516. Any issues that are not extremely time sensitive or urgent should be referred to

Please note that direct violations of Helping Hands policy and unprofessional behavior may result in immediate removal from the Helping Hands Platform.    


What not to do

  • Don’t quit on a job, absent prior communication and approval from the Client or Helping Hands.

  • Don’t cancel last minute; this provides a poor experience for the Client.

  • Don’t show up to a job location for a job you are not assigned to.

  • Don’t show up late for jobs or missing agreed-upon timelines for jobs.

  • Don’t attempt to renegotiate the hourly rate on a job.

  • Don’t complete a job with poor quality work.

  • Don’t display unprofessional or unbecoming communication or behavior in any form.

  • Don’t contact third parties related to or regarding a Client including, but not limited to, a Client’s friends, family, place of employment or attempt to damage a Client’s reputation on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yelp.

  • Don’t attempt to damage the reputation of Helping Hands on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yelp.

  • Don’t attempt to bill a Client for a jobs that should have been canceled, has not been finished or completed to their satisfaction.

  • Don’t ignore communications from Helping Hands Support Teams (Member Services, Policies, Resolutions). We expect all Helpers to respond within 48 hours to email and phone call communications.

  • Do not send someone else in your place to fulfil a Job.

  • Do not bring along another person to a job.

  • Don’t violate the spirit of payments on the Helping Hands platform in any way to facilitate an “off platform” payment, including but not limited to:             

    • Accepting a payment outside of the platform

    • Billing for fewer hours than actually worked

    • Billing for more hours than actually worked

    • Billing for hours worked in the reimbursement section

    • Giving a Client your contact information (phone number, email address or website)

    • Canceling a task that has been completed

  • Don’t provide poor quality work which is measured by:     

    • Poor ratings and/or reviews

    • A high cancellation rate

    • A high forfeiture rate

    • Unresponsiveness

    • Any other criteria, which may lead to a poor experience for a Client

To preserve the integrity of the Helping Hands Community, we have a zero tolerance policy for any of these behaviors.  All of these behaviors are avoidable through active management of your schedule, profile and with open communication with Helping HandsCustomer Services.


Grounds for immediate removal from the Helping hands:

For the protection of all members of our Community, we do not allow any of the following activities:                  

  • Impersonating any other person or falsifying your identity, including, but not limited to, the Client, journalists, or another Tasker;

  • Sharing your login credentials with any other person, including, but not limited to, the Client, journalists, or another Tasker;

  • The purchase of goods in the US for shipment overseas, or purchase of goods overseas for shipment to the US;

  • The transfer of monies, securities or negotiable instruments other than payment for tasks as a part of the TaskRabbit payment system;

  • Providing online reviews of items, books, other products or any other services without having actually used the product or service;

  • Completion of academic work or courses for academic credentials;

  • Pyramid Schemes or “Sales Opportunities;”

  • Completing any courses involving court orders on behalf of a third party or Client, including but not limited to online driving courses;

  • Transportation of and ridesharing among our Users in any type of motor vehicle, aircraft or water craft;

  • Providing any type of advice, consultation or professional services performed by lawyers, actuaries, accountants, architects, engineers, health professionals, medical professionals, financial adviser, management consultants, investment advisors, or any other professional services that requires a license or certificate to perform duties;

  • Data scraping of a website;

  • Recruiting or advertising for Taskers or Clients to join a competing service, or any other intelligence gathering about TaskRabbit for competitive purposes;

  • Any task that is illegal in the country, state or locality in which it is posted or takes place;

  • Creating and operating more than one User account, under any circumstances.

Best practices for our Clients:

Our Taskers strive to delight and deliver on every task. To ensure that you have the best possible tasking experience, we kindly ask for your help with the following. After all, we’re all about neighbors helping neighbors.

  • Please be as detailed as possible in your task description. This helps your Tasker determine if they have the skills and tools to assist you.

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words, so please include pictures if it helps to explain a task. This is especially helpful for more complex tasks. Our TaskRabbit app lets you upload pictures so download the iPhone or Android app if you haven’t already.

  • Communication is key. Let your Tasker know how long you expect the task to take. For example, if you’d like to pay for a maximum of 2 hours of work, be sure to let your Tasker know this upfront.

  • Clarify the details and let the Tasker know if you plan to cover travel costs and reimbursements for purchases made for you.  

  • Tasking is a two-way street; please uphold your side of the bargain. A task invitation is an agreement between you and your Tasker.  We ask that you fully commit to working with the Tasker to get the work done once the task is assigned.

  • We understand that life can be unpredictable. However, to respect your Tasker’s time:

    • Any cancellation initiated by you within 24 hours of the scheduled task time will be charged for one hour of work. There is no charge for Tasks cancelled more than 24 hours in advance.

    • TaskRabbit Inc. may pre-authorize your credit card for a minor amount before the scheduled task time

These Best Practices are incorporated in and part of our Terms of Service available here in the US and here in the UK. (Capitalized terms not otherwise defined shall have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Service.)

The Spirit of Payments on the TaskRabbit Platform

 TaskRabbit Support

Updated 10 days ago

The security of confidential information, such as payment information, is essential to the success of the platform. For this reason, we ask members to refrain from violating the spirit of payments in any form.

Violating the spirit of payments includes:

  • Accepting a payment for hours worked outside of the platform

  • Improperly invoicing hours (more or less hours than actually worked)

  • Invoicing for hours worked in the reimbursement section

  • Giving a Client your contact information (phone number, email address or website) for the purpose of an off-platform payment

  • Canceling a task that has been completed

  • Any other action that circumvents the TaskRabbit payments system

Be aware that engaging in any of the above actions means that the task is no longer protected by the TaskRabbit Guarantee, thus making you personally liable for any damages or injuries arising from the task.

If someone you know is participating in fee avoidance, please contact our Customer Support so that we can act accordingly.

Tasker Tips on Fraud

 TaskRabbit Support

Updated 8 months ago

While we do everything possible to help protect the community from fraudulent task, sometimes a fraudulent account will make it past our checks. To prevent against unreimbursable out-of-pocket expenses, we are providing the following tips on how to proceed safety with your task.

When accepting invitations and Available tasks, we highly suggest you refrain from the following:

    • Spending £100 or more in out of pocket expenses. Customer Support is available to help you verify any expenses beforehand. TaskRabbit will not be able to cover expenses over £100 that are fraudulent and have not been pre-approved by our Team.

    • Purchase goods for a Client online (Amazon, Apple, etc)

    • Buy gift cards of any type for a Client (online or in person)

    • Transfer cash, go to an ATM, exchange currency or bring a Client cash as part of a task

    • Transfer funds via PayPal, Google Wallet, WePay, or similar sites as part of a task. This jeopardises your personal information.

    • Meet a Client in a parking lot or on the street for a delivery or shopping task

    • Utilise your personal credit card to rent a vehicle or other items that require insurance

    • Accept a task that is asking you to impersonate your Client. For example, if you are hired to attend Jury Duty for your Client.

Should you suspect fraud, please remember that our Customer Support Team is available to you for assistance at any point on the task. Simply communicate to your Client that you need to contact TaskRabbit Headquarters for guidance.

Professionalism on the Platform

 TaskRabbit Support

Updated 4 days ago

TaskRabbit strives to deliver safe, reliable and delightful experiences. As such, we ask all users to act with professionalism and in good character in all interactions related to the TaskRabbit platform. Users have indicated that this improves the quality of the platform, which results in more tasks posted and better reviews. Note that maintaining positive relationships is the best way to be successful on the TaskRabbit platform.

To promote professionalism, we ask that you utilize your real name as well as an accurate and recent photo that includes your face on your profile.

If an issue arises while utilizing the platform, please continue to remain professional. You can always politely explain your reasons for choosing to cancel the task, inform them that they are free to work with another Tasker and/or politely excuse yourself. Then, please contact our Customer Support Team immediately.

If at any point, you feel unsafe it is important to contact the local authorities to ensure the correct actions are taken. Then please notify our Customer Support Team at the safest possible time.

If you have any relevant documentation, please retain it as it might be useful information.

What if my Client doesn't agree with the hours spent on my task?

 TaskRabbit Support

Updated 8 months ago

If a Client disputes the invoice that you've submitted, the situation is escalated to our Resolutions Team to investigate and resolve.  During this process, payment will be paused until a resolution is reached.  If you and your Client cannot come to an agreement about the number of hours worked, please contact us for assistance at 020 8610 9298.

Tips for avoiding this issue:

  • Before you start a task, estimate the number of hours you expect it to take and communicate that time with your Client. Keep a written record of this agreement - you can easily do this by using the in-app chat feature to message your Client.

  • If the original scope of the task changes or if it begins to take longer than the original estimated hours, contact your Client immediately to let them know. Only move forward with extra hours if both you and your Client agree to the new estimated hours.

  • Always get any extra hours approved in writing before starting the additional work. Payment cannot be guaranteed for time not pre-approved in writing.

A helpful tip you can use is to take pictures upon arrival and upon completion; that way you have a dated/timed reference of the task!


We are big on transparency and want Taskers to know what Clients are paying. That's why we have you set the hourly rate that will be displayed on your profile. You will always take home between 70% - 85% of what you enter as your hourly rate.

We do not take a service fee for expenses added when you submit an invoice to your Client. You get 100% of your reimbursements.

Please note: the hourly rate you see on this screen is the rate your Client is paying. To make the process seamless for Clients, we ask that you think about everything from their perspective. TaskRabbit takes a 10%-30% service fee on each task so we can provide Customer support, full insurance on every task and our satisfaction guarantee.

Transportation Costs:

Clients should not be responsible for reimbursing their Tasker for transportation time or costs. If there are significant costs associated with serving a particular area, such as bridge tolls, petrol or parking, Taskers should take that into consideration when setting their work area and hourly rates. 

Long Distance Tasks:

Some tasks may involve travel outside of the work area that you outlined on your Tasker map. If this is presented as an Available Task, Taskers should not assign themselves to these tasks. Available tasks are shown to all local Taskers who have very different map areas. Picking up a task that involves additional travel and asking for reimbursement after assignment would create a negative and inconsistent experience for Clients.

If a long distance task is sent to you as a Direct Invitation, you can discuss additional compensation since the Client is requesting you specifically. If the Client does not agree to this, the task should be forfeited so that they can select someone else instead.

The TaskRabbit platform is set up to reward when you create great experiences that bring Clients back to the platform. For example, after you have worked with a specific Client once, your service fee drops to 15% for every invoiced task afterwards! 

For tips and tricks, take a look at the guide that our Community Team put together to help you build repeat business on the platform.