We promise a hotel clean.

Whenever you do a domestic clean please make sure the following are always done:

  1. Always ask the client at the start of clean – is there anything, in particular, you would like me to do today!

  2. Work fast – you are not visiting the client you are working for them. Do not take your time. This might sound harsh but get the job done. If I get too many phone calls to say things were not done in the allocated time – you will be asked to retrain. If you feel you cannot cope let me know and we can train you again. If a client is unhappy and I have to refund them, it means I will not pay you for that service.

  3. If you finish early – Please go to the client and say: Is there anything more I can do for you as I’ve finished.

Please make sure the following is done every time even if the client does not ask.


  • Dusting: Pick up things and dust under things not just around them- most clients prefer damp cloth dusting - not with a dry cloth.

  • Toys or clothes: If there are toys or things lying on the floor pick them up ( if there is a lot of this and takes up a lot of time - take a photo - if you do not finish what has been asked in the allocated time you will have proof of the pre-clean you would need to have to have done) 

  • Living room: 

    • Put the pillows nicely on the sofa’s

    • straighten carpets

    • arrange coffee table things on coffee tables and sideboards neatly.

    • make it look nice

    • if there are empty cups or bowls or plate lying around pick them up and take them to the kitchen and clean them. 

  • the kitchen is clean

    • do not leave any plates or cups lying around

    • Dishes packed away

    • Dishwasher emptied

    • Sink emptied

    • Taps wiped

    • you do not need to clean out the fridge unless asked.

    • wipe down white goods if need be

    • make sure the floor and counter tops are very clean

    • no dishes left in the sink or counter tops.

      • if you do not know where something goes leave it in a neat pile but try to find a home for it.

    • hang up kitchen towel/clothes

  • Washing :

    • If there is washing in the washing machine hang it up

    • if there is dry washing on the washing line take it down and fold it

    • Only iron if you have been asked to do so

    • If you have been asked to put the washing machine on making sure you know how to use it

  • Mopping and hoovering: Hoover and mop once you have finished. Let this be the last thing you do in a room you are working on.

    • Move things to mop or sweep or hoover.

    • Hoover up dust and dust first then go over it wit ha mop. Don't do it the other way round. 

  • Organising: Put things straight for clients – if there is a table full of books or papers make them straight for the client.

    • If something looks like it could do with neatening up do it for your client. 

  • Bins: Always empty and reline rubbish bins in all rooms including kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms

    • Take the rubbish outside along with recycling

  • Bathroom: 

    • Hang up towels

    • pick up washing,

    • mop floor

    • clean glass of the shower

    • scrub bathtub/wipe the bath tub

    • clean the sink

    • clean counter tops

    • straighten bath mats

  • Bedrooms: Make beds, pick up clothes

  • Flower vases: If there are dead flowers in a vase empty vase and throw away flowers.

  • Toilet:

    • Make sure toilets are clean - make sure seat is lifted up and you clean under the lid.

    • Toilet paper folded into a triangle

    • Please be careful with bleach that you do not get it on the rugs or carpets 


  • Floors: Make sure floors are clean and no bits are lying on them. Hoover first and mop after if it needs mopping.

    • if a client has given you products to use on their floors make sure you use the correct ones. 

    • Please vacuum the carpets and the floors or sweep – keep an eye out for valuable things lying on the floor or toys or kids lego.


  • Make sure countertops are clean.

  • If you are short on cleaning product or cleaning things like hoover or mop or cleaning items are broken please inform client

  • Please go around the house and collect cups plates and anything that needs to be cleaned or washed.

  • Front door/entrance: If you have time give this a quick sweep. No point cleaning for the door to be opened and loads of dust blows in. 


Make sure the house looks like it has been cleaned!

Focus on the big stuff - don't worry about the little things - work on what makes the most impact.

Make sure when the client walks through the door they feel like the house has been cleaned.

If they have some air freshener spray some when you leave - if no one is home.


Valuables / money:

If you find something of value that the client might have left around like jewellery or money, please leave it somewhere for the client to see.

Client’s might test you by doing this so make sure you don’t fail the test! Put it on a clean kitchen counter or somewhere they will notice it!

If more than one client complains about things going missing you will be taken off the books immediately and the police will be contacted and your details will be given to them. While I understand things can be misplaced by clients and then mistakenly thought of as having been stolen if more than one client says something I will assume you are the problem and actions will be carried out. So make sure if you see something of value lying around the client's house it is put where the client can find it and see that you have been honest.


Specialist Carpets and floors and wood floors:

If you suspect a carpet is a special kind of carpet or the customer has a special floor – please make sure you ask the client about products to use on them. If you use the wrong chemicals on them, you might ruin them. Please always ask if you are not sure. If you feel you cant ask the client call me!


End of tenancy / deep clean / spring clean:

If you have been selected to do an end of tenancy clean you will probably be in a team to do so. There will always be one main person who is chosen to lead the team on that clean. You will be told who that person is – you will also be told who your team members are.

Please make sure the following is completed on end of the tenancy.  
  • Floors mopped/hoovered.

  • Countertops must be clean

  • Inside cupboards must be clean – all cupboards – kitchen and bedrooms

  • cupboard doors wiped down and handle wiped - on the inside and outside

  • Washing machine inside the must be cleaned out – pull the rubber forward and look for scum – especially in soap tray

  • Fridge: Clean inside fridge freezer and unplug and defrost, wipe this down properly. No bits of food to be left behind must look like new.

  • Oven: make sure gas plates are lifted up and cleaned underneath, clean the trays and grills

  • Wipe light switches

  • Lamps shades wiped

  • Wipe doors and door frames – especially front door.

  • Clean glass on the window on the inside if you can reach outside please do so but not essential.

  • Wipe walls down with sponges

  • Clean skirting boards

  • Wipe the front door

  • Dishwashers – clean filter tray - rubber seal and soap dish

  • Bathroom – try to get rid of mould at much as possible

  • Shower – clean the glass in the shower room on the doors

  • Toilets – make sure these are cleaned.

  • Make sure all pieces of paper are picked up

  • Make sure no food bits left anywhere especially in fridge