Live-In Housekeeper / Mothers Help

A live-in Housekeeper in London gives a wide range of support and care for your family.  It provides you with someone to live on site, meaning that pesky London traffic / TFL train delays will not get in the way of your day.  


It also gives you peace of mind that your property is being cared for if you travel regularly and leave the property vacant.  


A live-in housekeeper will also provide you with the flexibility to call on them for additional hours if you need extra support when guests or family visit.  A live-in Housekeeper is often a favourable option for our clients.

What you would need to provide:


A live-in Housekeeper would need to be given her own private room.  This can vary from client to client depending on their home(s).  In the most simple version, our clients provide the housekeeper with her own private bedroom in the main residence. This would normally consist of a double bed, furniture, TV, wifi.  This can include either an ensuite or a bathroom.  More often than not, our clients dedicate a ‘level’ of the house to the housekeeper, be it a basement flat area or attic conversion which would then act as a bedroom/private bathroom.  Some of our clients provide an entire ‘apartment’ to the housekeeper as part of the main residence, giving the Housekeeper a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.  Clients with more space often try to accommodate the Housekeeper in ‘annex’ or outbuilding dwellings which can range from studio apartments through to 2 bedroom apartments.


If you require the Housekeeper to drive, then most clients provide the nanny with access to the family cars, or indeed her own dedicated car to drive for errands, shopping etc.

Additional Package:

Most of our clients are very generous with their Helpers and offer additional perks to the live in a package.  This can include mobile phone allowance, gym membership, health insurance, fuel for days off, food, bonuses etc, but it just depends on the nature of the salary offered and how you wish to attract the right candidates to the role.



What you would need to provide:

The salary you would expect to pay:

Salary ranges entirely on the candidate's experience level, this is P&T general guide to salary:

  • Entry level/Less experienced Live in Housekeepers:  £300 – £400 net per week 

  • Mid-level/More experienced Live in Housekeepers:  £400 – £600 net per week

  • High level/Very experienced Live in Housekeepers:  £600+ net per week​


This can all be affected by the package offered.