Live out Housekeeper / Mothers Help


A live out Housekeeper in London gives a wide range of support and care for your family.  It provides you with someone to work either part time or full time with your family and look after your home in London or around the world and pets as you require.  


Some families use part-time housekeepers, some families use full time, and others use temporary housekeepers as and when they require them.  


Most of our clients come to us for full-time Housekeepers, but we love placing all different types of helpers with our clients.  

What you would need to consider when getting a housekeeper:



If you require the Housekeeper to drive, then most clients provide the housekeeper with access to the family cars, or indeed her own dedicated car to drive for errands, shopping etc.  If the Housekeeper has her own car, then it is typical to expect the salary to reflect her travel/fuel costs when using the car as part of their duties during each day.



Some of our clients ask their full-time housekeepers to travel with the family to help.  Again this needs to be reflected in the salary/package offered, and typically clients will agree a ‘holiday rate’ to pay to the housekeeper if they are being asked to work 24/7 for a number of days in a row.



Take into account where your housekeeper lives and where how far they will be commuting each day.  Remember that traffic and train delays can cause problems for the housekeeper arriving, so bear in mind the commute the housekeeper will have to take each day to get to you.



Even though some clients preference is for the housekeeper to live out, some of our clients (particularly those based around the world) like to help source/pay for separate accommodation for the housekeeper.  This means that they are helping with the relocation aspect.  For example, many of our Middle Eastern clients in Dubai will provide separate accommodation for the Housekeeper, but this is still considered a live out role.  However, the client will cover all the costs/running costs of the separate accommodation (and the salary will reflect this).

The salary you would expect to pay for a housekeeper:


Salary ranges entirely on the candidates experience level.  Remember the housekeeper will have a higher living cost associated with live-in nannies and thus the package must reflect the location where they live.  London, for example, is a very expensive city to live in, alongside other cities such as Monaco and Zurich, and the salary must take this into consideration.  


This is our general guide to housekeepers salary:

  • Entry level/Less experienced Live out Housekeeper:  £450 – £550 net per week

  • Mid-level/More experienced Live out Housekeeper:  £550 – £800 net per week

  • High level/Very experienced Live out Housekeeper:  £800+ net per week


This can all be affected by the package offered.