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In using our service your Jobs do More.



Your jobs help

us help them!


More than just a cleaner!

Why More??

More = Happiness = Content = Full Filled = Loyality

How More??



At Yenza we value the community that works with us. As a result, we Pay them a FAIR rate. They receive 80% of the cost of each booking which makes sure they get the lions share of the money as he or she would have done most of the hard work. 



In paying a fair rate this helps them live a better quality of life and upskill themselves or provide those much need ballet shoes for a budding 3-year-old ballerina.


We help them apply for grants and offer internship place in our wider community of clients and contacts. So far we have managed to help 5 people upskill to become, bookkeepers, reflexologist, professional housekeepers and entrepreneurs.



We also help our community find internships, scholarships and grants - where possible we offer them places within the business. We offer them an online learning academy's where they can learn a vast array of topics such as crafting - nutrition - social media - photography - entrepreneurial skills and earn a certificate or degree if they wish. This is done via Shaw Academy.



We also aline ourselves with rewards companies and online course providers - that offer our community great offers and discounts helping their hard earnt money stretch further - (Perk Box)


In doing this we feel we can make a difference in our workforces lives, as a result, making it a happier place to be.  


This result is high-quality loyal candidates working within our community. 

Sophies Mum

Flexible Hours / Fair Rate

Due to our flexible hours and fair payment rates - Sophies Mum was able to pay for Alex to go to Ballet School! She was also able to be there for Sophie at Drop off and Pick up after school - Due to her abiltiy to work flexible hours.


We also helped Sophie's apply for Grants for Alex. 

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Justice For Cleaners

Working Poverty

We feel that it is not just good enough to pay a living wage but cleaners should be paid a Fair Living Wage and be helped out of the poverty cycle by giving them a helping hand to improve their lives. Work fewer hours and have more of a work-life balance.


Most cleaners work 50 hours a week and still cannot make ends meet and this is because they are living on £7.40 an hour! No one within an hour of the M25 can live on less than £10 an hour especially if they have a family. 

The problem with a large cleaning organisation is they outsource their work to contractors who outsource to cleaning suppliers.

Meaning the rate the cleaner could have earned passes through 2 or 3 companies before the cleaner can even get a sniff. So a salary that could be £10 - £15 an hour lands up being minimum wage because everyone gets a piece of the pie and the cleaner misses out.


That is why we hire our cleaners directly for all our contracts. We put in the time and as a result, can pay our cleaners a higher rate. We also know each one individually and are actively involved in their well being. Most larger cleaning organisation don't have a clue who is working for them because they have subcontracted and outsourced all their jobs. 

With this hands-on approach, our cleaners feel they are cared for and looked after and as a result, we have some of the UK's best and most enthusiastic cleaners.  





Flexible Hours / Online Learning

Due to our flexible hours and our online courses - Isabel was able to qualify as a bookkeeper. She still uses Yenza but now she uses to help someone else with extra work she has. 




Fair Hourly Rate / Help with learning english

When Sylwia first arrived in the UK she could only speak a few words of English. 3 years on and she now speaks fluent English due to us helping her sign up for English class and is self-employed and able to sort her own taxes and PAYE. Which she could not do before and as a result people took advantage of her great cleaning skills and paid her a minimum wage whilst she was living in London.