When you make your first booking we will create a ZJCS account for you. Alternatively, if you sign up using Facebook, this will also create an account. Ready to make a booking? Download the app or book on the Web.



Skip, reschedule or cancel a day in advance for free. The ZJCS platform is made to be flexible, but we have some rules. First, it’s important to know that you can skip, reschedule or cancel any booking for free with at least 24H notice.
That said, skipping, rescheduling or canceling a booking with short notice can cause the Cleaner to loose valuable work. If you make a change to a booking within 24H +, but with at least 24H - to go, you will be charged a fee. If it gets down to the wire, and you need to skip or cancel within 24H -, you will be charged the full price of the booking. You can’t reschedule a booking with less than 24H until the start time. In most cases, these fees and charges are paid to the Cleaner. 24H + before the booking is free of charge 24H-before the booking is full booking amount.



If you are not happy, we are not happy. :( We aim for our service to surpass every standard, and if you’re in any way dissatisfied, we are going to make it right. If you’re booking didn’t live up to our promise, we’ll send another professional to set everything straight. Alternatively, we’ll refund to your account with credits in the amount of your booking or, at your request directly to your card. Please note that claims regarding service need to be filled 24H of the booking in question.



We know that none of this works without putting trust, safety and security at the forefront of every decision we make. The Workers that are using our platform are insured, so that if anything goes wrong, your property is protected.









For those who require a high standard of cleanliness, weekly cleaning, bi-weekly and one-off packages keep your home or office consistently fresh and immaculate.


Weekly cleaning is also beneficial for homes with pets and is well suited to those with hectic schedules that require frequent travel. Weekly visits from our reliable and efficient ZJ Cleaning Service staff is an investment that always results in a happier and more relaxed work and home environment.

Bi-weekly services are an ideal cleaning option for singles, the elderly or those with no children or pets.


The ZJCS Professional are able to do it all – from vacuuming, dusting and mopping, to household chores such as dish washing, laundry and furniture polishing. Book online and see the results.


There’s a whole host of tasks you’ll never have to worry about again when you set up your Weekly Cleaning. It’s up to you what areas you want your professional to focus on, but some of the more common tasks include:

The Kitchen


-  Wiping down surfaces

-  Emptying and cleaning bins

-  Mopping floors

-  Cleaning down appliances

-  Drawers and cupboard fronts



The Bathroom


-  Cleaning and polishing sinks

-  Baths and showers

-  Disinfecting toilets

-  Polishing tiles and mirrors

-  Mopping and dusting


The Bedroom


-  Wiping and dusting surfaces

-  Blinds and bedside lamps

-  Changing bedding

-  Wiping down doors

-   Hoovering



The Living Areas


-  Polishing woodwork

-  Dusting shelves

-  Hoovering or mopping floors

-  Cleaning internal windows

-  Cleaning under furniture


Hallways and Stairs


-   Wiping or polishing surfaces

-  Hoovering or mopping floors

-  Dusting picture frames

-  Cleaning skirting

-  Handles and light switches










Move In/ Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving can be stressful. Whether you are renting, selling or leasing a commercial space you want the place to be spotless. Perhaps you need to leave a good impression for the landlord or the new owner, or you need your new property cleaned before you move in, whatever your reasoning is you have come to the conclusion that you need professional cleaning help. Spotless Results can help you with your move-in/move-out cleaning needs, allowing you to feel confident that the property is turn- key ready. We will bring in a team of professional cleaner and clean your property exactly the way you want it done.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Nearly every tenancy agreement has a clause at the end, which demands the property to be left in the state you moved in. You make a deposit as a guarantee, usually in the amount of a monthly payment, which you will receive back once you move out, given that the property is in good condition. Unfortunately, this can be easier promised than delivered. With our end of tenancy cleaning service in London you will get your deposit in full. We offer Professional Cleaning Services in London. Fortunately, the professional cleaning teams at ZJCS are here to handle the task.



Whether you need anything from routine daily cleaning programs to less frequent maintenance cleaning; we have you covered. Our standard professional office-cleaning services consist of normal day-to-day duties: trash pickup, floor mopping, vacuuming, interior window-washing, and bathroom maintenance.

We specialise in keeping your business environment clean and healthy for your employees and customers. We customise our service to your needs so you only pay for what you need to be done. The charge is based upon the frequency of cleanings and number of services per month.









100% customer satisfaction


We provide for both domestic and commercial sectors and carry out our work to the highest standard ever known. Whether it's cleaning services, after builders cleaning, spring cleaning, move in/out, offices cleaning, schools cleaning we will be there to help! 

We are proud of the service we provide across London, but we are always looking for ways to improve.

Domestic Cleaning
Bi-weekly Cleaning
End of Tenancy Cleaning
Construction Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning
Oven Cleaning

Office Cleaning
One-off Cleaning
Renovation Cleaning
Apartment Complexes
Spring Cleaning
Event Services

Short, medium and long term arrangements are available depending on your budget and requirements.






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Choose your own hours & holidays, keep your regular customers & houses, self-employed, with part-time or full-time. Starting from £8.00/hr pay & paid into your bank account or the customer pay cash on the day of the service.


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