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MY NUMBER IS: 07796 277 771  

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About the job:

Always read the message on the job description – if you do not understand something either ask the client or me.


About bookings: a client can book up to 12 hours before a job. So always check your diary and make sure no one has booked you overnight.



Please ensure you have completed the contract on the following link: Contract for Service Providers


What is expected on a regular routine clean  and end of Tenancy or build: See link here on how we clean




We cannot check on every appointment or client. It is for you to use your judgment to make sure you are safe. Always ensure you can get out of the property if need be. We provide you with the opportunity and the appointment - it is for you to make sure you are comfortable with that client. If you do not feel comfortable with a client let me know and why and I will ensure the client is removed from our system. The majority of our clients are women and family people. But that is not exclusive - please be cautious when entering a new property. We do not take any responsibility and cannot be held liable for anything that happens while you are in clients home. If you are uncomfortable with a situation ring me or leave. Always stay safe.

About your diary on the system:

Always keep it up to date. If you are away or need time off PLEASE PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY. OTHERWISE, CLIENTS WILL BOOK YOU and I don’t want to have to cancel clients last minute because your diary is not up to date.  

The booking system is called Setmore – there is an app – it's great – download it!


Your profile online:

Please see how to use your booking system below. 


























How to read an appointment:

Please see what an appointment looks like and how to read it.

If you cannot find the address scroll down or click Edit appointment and see the clients details. 

































About work:

Arriving at the client’s house:

1st visit to a new client: Always greet them politely and tell them your name and that you are from helping hands services. Explain to them what you are there to do. A lot of these clients are looking for someone to help them on a regular basis. This means if you do an amazing job – not average but amazing job they normally will book you again. If a client wants to book you again tell them you will let me know but if they could please contact me and arrange a regular cleaning time.


Talking to Clients:

Please be respectful of the company you work for. If you speak negatively of the company either to the client or on social media you will be taken off our books. We pay above the industry average and always try to pay you fairly. We try and be flexible and support our staff as much as possible. If you have an issue with anything please let us know and we will try and resolve that issue. So please don't go complaining to clients about what you get paid. You would have made an agreement with the company before starting on what you will be paid. If you take on private work from one of our clients please be aware we will charge the client £300 placement fee. So do not try and get private work from our clients - your client will suffer. We will also take you off the books if we find out you are taking on our clients for private jobs and not going through the company. Clients are to book through the system or call me or you can let us know.



Please ensure we have your current bank details - this is your responsibility. Every 2nd Friday it is your responsibility to send in your hours please email them to We pay into your bank account every 2 weeks. Please submit your hours to me every 2 weeks. Breaking it down into 2 weeks. Send the information using the following examples: Week 1 - 4 hours, Week 2 - 15 hours, cash taken from client £25.

Please ensure you label the title at "Invoice for hours worked"


Please note if you have missed an appointment without informing the office / your team manager - the client will receive a free a booking to the value of your hours missed - failure to show for a booked and agreed job will result in the company making alternative arrangement and you will be liable for that cost. So if a £26 appointment was booked you are liable for the costs to replace that appointment as a result of non-contact with the office and letting a client down. The only time this is wavered is if a serious medical incident has occurred or if the client has cancelled the appointment or agreed to cancel the appointment - to this evidence will need to be submitted to the office in the form of text or email from a client to confirm. 


Just so you know we don't get all the profit from every booking. Every £12 booking costs us £1.50 just to take a payment. It also costs us £2500 in advertising every year. The website costs us £175 a month just to have it up and running. Admin fee's every month are £900. We also pay £90 a month in insurance to keep you safe and covered. So please don't think we just take all the money. It costs a lot of money to find your bookings and to make them happen. Please respect that. Understand without the platform you might not have secured these bookings yourself. 


Tax / Self-employed / Am I employed by Helping Hands?

Helpers on the site are not employees of Helping Hands, they are independent contractors. Helpers set their own schedule and work area. All payments are made through a trusted third party payment system, and income received from the site is not taxed and needs to be reported to the HMRC.

We have made it very easy for you to view your hours completed.

Helping Hands is not a tax professional and will not be able to answer additional questions regarding filing taxes. If you have questions, we recommend checking out the HMRC website or asking a tax professional. HMRC can be contacted on: 0300 200 3402.


Dress code:

There is no dress code but please dress appropriately and respectfully.

Most of our clients are mothers and corporate people so they expect a certain standard of dress. This does not mean you need to wear high heels or a suit to work but please dress in clean clothes and do not wear low cut tops or wear a very short skirt. When you arrive – if you are wearing a hoodie take your hood off your head when arriving at the client. Be respectful on arrival. Remember most of the time especially with new clients they do not know you and first impressions last. 


Being on time:

Please arrive at your client 5 minutes before the job starts so you can clean when the job starts. If you are going to be late either text the client or myself and let them or me know.

You get 3 chances to be late. After this, I will deduct £1 off every hour you are late. You have my number and you have the clients number on the booking – even if you are 5 minutes late you MUST let me or the client know – PLEASE TEXTED US BOTH AND LET US KNOW – I DO NOT WANT TO BE LOOKING FOR YOU!

If you are late you will need to make up your time! If you do not have enough time to make up time – you can possibly do so on your next visits – but again check with the client and me first. If this is not possible the client will be partially refunded their money and you will be paid short for this time.


No show:

If you do not show up for a job and you have a valid reason please let me know as soon as possible. Please refer to being on time section above.

If this happens more than 2 times in a row and you do not tell me you will be taken off the books. If you do not show for a client you will be responsible for the cost of that appointment as the client is entitled to a free clean if you have not made arrangements to cancel or move that appointment. You will need written evidence to prove the changes. 



If you have been booked for 3 hours, please only work 3 hours. If you do decide to go over time without checking with myself or the client, I will not pay you for this extra time as there simply is no cash. Clients pay according to hours. Always check the allocated time for the job. If you feel the job needs more time, please check with myself or the client if they are happy to pay for the extra time. Get the client to text me that they agree to extra time. It has to be a text or email. I need written confirmation. 


No show client or client, not home:

If a client is not home let me know. On your booking, you can see the client's phone number send them a text to remind them you are there. Only send them one text message. If no response lets me know. If the client does not show up within 15min of your appointment time you may leave. But please tell me you are doing this. Before you leave check with me – the client might have left a key for you. Check around under mats in boots behind bins to see if there has been a key left for you. DO NOT LEAVE UNLESS YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO ME! IF CLIENT HAS PAID BEFORE HAND YOU WILL BE PAID FOR THIS VISIT.

If you finish early:

If you finish earlier than the allocated time, please ask the client if there is anything else you can do for them as you are finished. Do not just leave! They have paid you for the hour find something to do! If you are alone in the client's property do not leave early - send them a message and ask them is there anything else - make sure they are happy for you to leave! Clients do come home to check if you are there and if you are not there they will be upset and I will refund them and hence not pay you for that hour.


Run out of time:

If a client has booked you and either they have not booked you for the correct amount of time or there was too much precleaning to do or too much ironing to do. Take photo's of things - especially before and after. Clients sometimes can expect too much - let me know and I will be able to defend you if they complain. Document as much as possible. Always let me know if you have run out of time. 



We advise customers to keep their own keys and not to give them to you. But if they do please do not put the address on the keys, keep the keys safe and do not leave them anywhere. Those keys are your responsibility and you will be held accountable if anything goes wrong. Please tell me if the client has given you a key.


Locking up:

If you are left alone in the house please ensure the house is locked securely. Please ensure all windows are closed and the back door is secured. Please make sure the keys are left in a safe place. 



If you are driving it is for you to ask the client to reimburse you or ask the client about residence parking. Unless we have instructed you that parking is paid for we will not pay for parking. Please contact us before spending any additional funds on a job. You will always be refunded in full if you have a receipt. 


Outsourcing or bringing someone along to a job:

Please do not outsource or give a job that has been assigned to you to someone else that is not registered with Helping Hands. You may not bring a friend or family member along with you to a job unless prior arrangement and agreement with the client and the office. If something was to happen that person will not be covered by our insurance.


Bad behaviour:

If a client is rude or badly behaved towards you, please let me know immediately. We do not allow this in any way. You will be taken off that job and the client will probably be removed from our books. I want to keep all my staff safe and happy.

If you are upset with a client, please do not engage with them – inform me and I will sort it out with them. Do not argue with the client. Let me handle them. Always stay professional and do not take it personally.





We promise a hotel clean. So clean like its a hotel room. Follow our tips below to get that feel.


The absolute basics!

Always ask the client at the start of clean – is there anything, in particular, you would like me to do today!

  1. Work fast – you are not visiting the client you are working for them. Do not take your time. This might sound harsh but get the job done. If I get too many phone calls to say things were not done in the allocated time – you will be asked to retrain. If you feel you cannot cope let me know and we can train you again. If a client is unhappy and I have to refund them, it means I will not pay you for that service.

  2. If you finish early – Please go to the client and say: Is there anything more I can do for you as I’ve finished.

  3. Empty everything - Dishwasher, Washing machine, all the bins including recycling, oven - check for dirty pans.

  4. Hang up towels in bathrooms, straighten floor mats

  5. Clean bathroom last 


Please make sure the following is done

every time even if the client does not ask.


  • Dusting: Pick up things and dust under things not just around them.

  • Toys or clothes: If there are toys or things lying on the floor pick them up ( if there is a lot of this and takes up a lot of time - take a photo - if you do not finish what has been asked in the allocated time you will have proof of the pre-clean you would need to have done) 

  • Living room: 

    • Put the pillows nicely on the sofa’s

    • straighten carpets

    • arrange coffee table things on coffee tables and sideboards neatly.

    • make it look nice

  • the kitchen is clean

    • do not leave any plates or cups lying around

    • Dishes packed away

    • Dishwasher emptied

    • Sink emptied

    • Taps wiped

    • you do not need to clean out the fridge unless asked.

    • wipe down white goods if need be

    • make sure the floor and countertops are very clean

    • no dishes left in the sink or countertops.

      • if you do not know where something goes leave it in a neat pile but try to find a home for it.

    • hang up kitchen towel/clothes

  •  Washing :

    • If there is washing in the washing machine hang it up

    • if there is dry washing on the washing line take it down and fold it

    • Only iron if you have been asked to do so

    • If you have been asked to put the washing machine on making sure you know how to use it

  • Mopping and hoovering: Hoover and mop once you have finished. Let this be the last thing you do in a room you are working on.

    • Move things to mop or sweep or hoover.

    • Hoover up dust and dust first then go over it wit ha mop. Don't do it the other way round. 

  • Organising: Put things straight for clients – if there is a table full of books or papers make them straight for the client.

    • If something looks like it could do with neatening up do it for your client. 

  • Bins: Always empty and reline rubbish bins in all rooms including kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms

    • Take the rubbish outside along with recycling

  • Bathroom: 

    • Hang up towels

    • pick up washing,

    • mop floor

    • clean glass of the shower

      • scrub bathtub/wipe the bathtub

      • clean the sink 

      • clean counter tops

      • straighten bath mats

  • Bedrooms: Make beds, pick up clothes

  • Flower vases: If there are dead flowers in a vase empty vase and throw away flowers.

  • Toilet:

    • Make sure toilets are clean - make sure seat is lifted up and you clean under the lid.

    • Toilet paper folded into a triangle

    • Please be careful with bleach that you do not get it on the rugs or carpets 


  • Floors: Make sure the floors are clean and no bits are lying on them. Hoover first and mop after if it needs mopping.

    • if a client has given you products to use on their floors make sure you use the correct ones. 

    • Please vacuum the carpets and the floors or sweep – keep an eye out for valuable things lying on the floor or toys or kids lego.


  • Make sure countertops are clean.

  • If you are short on cleaning product or cleaning things like hoover or mop or cleaning items are broken please inform the client

  • Please go around the house and collect cups plates and anything that needs to be cleaned or washed.

  • the door to be opened and loads of dust blows in. for

  • Front door/entrance: If you have time give this a quick sweep. No point cleaning


Make sure the house looks like it has been cleaned!
Focus on the big stuff - don't worry about the little things - work on what makes the most impact.
Make sure when the client walks through the door they feel like the house has been cleaned.
If they have some air freshener spray some when you leave - if no one is home.


Valuables / money:

If you find something of value that the client might have left around like jewellery or money, please leave it somewhere for the client to see.

Client’s might test you by doing this so make sure you don’t fail the test! Put it on a clean kitchen counter or somewhere they will notice it!

If more than one client complains about things going missing you will be taken off the books immediately and the police will be contacted and your details will be given to them. While I understand things can be misplaced by clients and then mistakenly thought of as having been stolen if more than one client says something I will assume you are the problem and actions will be carried out. So make sure if you see something of value lying around the client's house it is put where the client can find it and see that you have been honest.


Specialist Carpets and floors and wood floors:

If you suspect a carpet is a special kind of carpet or the customer has a special floor – please make sure you ask the client about products to use on them. If you use the wrong chemicals on them, you might ruin them. Please always ask if you are not sure. If you feel you can't ask the client call me!


End of tenancy / deep clean / spring clean:

If you have been selected to do an end of tenancy clean you will probably be in a team to do so. There will always be one main person who is chosen to lead the team on that clean. You will be told who that person is – you will also be told who your team members are.

Please make sure the following is completed on the end of the tenancy.  
  • Floors mopped/hoovered.

  • Countertops must be clean

  • Inside cupboards must be clean – all cupboards – kitchen and bedrooms

  • cupboard doors wiped down and handle wiped - on the inside and outside

  • Washing machine inside the must be cleaned out – pull the rubber forward and look for scum – especially in soap tray

  • Fridge: Clean inside fridge freezer and unplug and defrost, wipe this down properly. No bits of food to be left behind must look like new.

  • Oven: make sure gas plates are lifted up and cleaned underneath, clean the trays and grills

  • Wipe light switches

  • Lamps shades wiped

  • Wipe doors and door frames – especially the front door.

  • Clean glass on the window on the inside if you can reach outside please do so but not essential.

  • Wipe walls down with sponges

  • Clean skirting boards

  • Wipe the front door

  • Dishwashers – clean filter tray

  • Bathroom – try to get rid of mould at much as possible

  • Shower – clean the glass in the shower room on the doors

  • Toilets – make sure these are cleaned.

  • Make sure all pieces of paper are picked up

  • Make sure no food bits left anywhere especially in the fridge

  • make sure walls are wiped down

  • Radiators wiped down

  • No limescale on the taps or sinks ( the white marks ) 

  • Make sure the kitchen is grease free


Health and safety



Always ensure you can leave the property to in case of any situation. Know where the exit is and where the keys are to let yourself out. 

Ask the owner what is the best way to leave if need be.


Cleaning chemicals:

When using cleaning chemicals please use gloves and be careful of your eyes.

Make sure windows are open when using chemicals or you are in a well-ventilated the room.

Please make sure cleaning items are always packed away especially if there are children in the house

Make sure caps are on bottles and sealed

Do not leave the lid off bottles while you are cleaning



Do not leave the room with the iron on

Always be careful to allow the iron to cool down before packing away

If children are around, please make sure they are not near the iron. If they inform the mother.



When it is very hot please make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water.

If you need a rest, please let me know and I will take you off until you feel better.



Please do not hang out of windows to clean them. Only clean windows you can reach.



Please do not stand on these or use them. They are dangerous if you fall.


By signing my name below I acknowledge that I have read the best practise page and health and safety details of Yenza Ltd
Please Tick each process: I understand that if I cannot gain access to a property to clean I will do the following.

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