Find a Personal Assistant

From family offices to private PAs, the pleasure of having a wonderful PA means that life runs smoothly.  We have an incredible selection of PAs on our books with both corporate and private experience.  They are often highly educated and skilled in admin/IT and management.  We have both male and female PAs and place PAs in fantastic roles across the globe.

  • Family Office PAs

  • Private PAs

  • Executive Assistant PAs

  • Travelling PAs


Classify our PAs:

  • Entry level/Less experienced PA is a candidate with 3-5 years experience

  • Mid-level/More experienced PA is a candidate 5-10 years experience

  • High level/Very experienced PA is a candidate with 10+ years experience

Of course depending on budget/package/skills required everything is always flexible and not set in stone. 


The salary you would expect to pay a PA:

Salary ranges entirely on the candidates experience level.  It also depends on the type of PA and how much travel/time away from home is involved.

Entry Level PA will expect a salary of £350-500 net a week

Mid Level PA will expect a salary of £500-1000 net a week

High-level PA will expect a salary of £1000+ net a week live


How we can help you find a personal assistant:

  • A dedicated recruitment consultant from start to finish. We are with you through the entire process of finding the right candidate to their first day on the job. We then stay in touch from time to time to ensure you are satisfied with your new member of staff.

  • 24-hour telephone service, no matter what time zone or country you are in, you can always reach us

  • Access to our reference and CRB checked candidates, who globally work for the most VIP and HNWI individuals and families.