Part-time Housekeeper



Part Time Housekeeper

A West London based part-time housekeeper gives a wide range of support and care for your family. 


A Housekeeper provides you with flexible care and helps for a property or home which might not need a full-time housekeeper.  


This is suited to smaller, or less highly used properties, or families who just feel that they don’t require full-time help for the house.  We provide all types of part-time housekeepers or part-time maids for your home, and the benefit of going through an agency like ours means that you only pay the introduction fee once you’ve hired the candidate, and you don’t have to continue to pay an agency fee going forward.  


Some specialised housekeeper/maid agencies will expect you to pay the agency directly and then they send you a maid.  This can be a less cost-effective way of hiring a part-time maid.

Part Time Housekeeper Salary:


A Housekeepers Salary ranges entirely on the candidate's experience level:


  • Entry level/Less experienced part-time Housekeepers:  £14 net per hour

  • Mid-level/More experienced part-time Housekeepers:  £14-18 net per hour

  • High level/Very experienced part-time Housekeepers:  £18+ net per hour


This can all be affected by the package offered. Below are examples or Housekeepers salaries.