Decluttering made quick and easy

Decluttering made quick and easy

Not finding the shoes on time because the closet is just too cramped up. Watching the stew burn because you were unable to find the spoon from the messy drawer. Having boxes full of years old things that you just don’t have the energy to sort through. Organizing, arranging and giving away unwanted things is what decluttering is all about. We all are in the habit of procrastinating it forever and never really doing it wholeheartedly.

Going through piles and piles of things, deciding which ones to part with and which one to keep. Rummaging through numerous drawers to make some sort of sense to the arrangement of things in them. Putting things in an orderly manner to make sure that you never have to waste time in finding stuff again. Doesn’t sound like fun right? In this article, we will give you few tips and tricks to make this tedious task a little fun for you.

Never do it alone: Decluttering alone can be very boring and stressing as well. You might want to give up on it and just leave things the way they are. To handle this, never set out to do it alone. Have some company over with whom you can chit chat a little while going through your stuff. Talking helps kill time. Talk to them so that you do not have to sit and analyze how much more is left.

A handy tip: Invite over someone you like spending time with. The task is already boring enough. You do not need a boring company to overburden yourself.

Don’t do it all in one day: Instead of going through the whole household in one day, divide the tasks. Do one room a day. If overtired, you will just want to get it over with and not do half of what you had planned for. Go easy on yourself. Do one room at a time so that once done you can have that part of the house off your list. Break the task down into achievable targets and then use those targets as challenges to be accomplished on time.

Make a list: Do not jump into it, to plan it along the way. Spend some time before starting with the decluttering project, to come up with a list of things that you need to organize. List down rooms you need to start with, set priority levels to your tasks. Once you are done with something, scratch it off the list. This will give you the motivation to go faster.

Try to turn it into games: Set a timer and start a race with your partner. Divide the tasks. Reward: The one who wins gets to decide something the other one will have to get rid of. No cheating. Once the verdict has been passed the loser will have to do it at any cost.

Think of different fun ways you can do decluttering. Organize one room as per color, the other by importance. The things that are more important get to be on top while the others at the bottom. You can also do it size wise. Arrange things of similar size in sets and then arrange those set in new creative ways.

Play on some good music: Music will pump things up a bit for you. High pitched songs that are full of energy will keep your motivation level on the high. Keep singing songs, dancing to the tunes while you go through this task. This will not let you get bored and will keep you going.

Tip: Play on your favorite songs. Compile a list of good songs that you like so that they keep you positive.

Appreciate yourself: Once you are done organizing stuff stand straight, look at your achievement and savor the moment. Appreciate yourself for your patience and organizational skills.

Tip: After every completed task, treat yourself to a 10mins break where you can sit, do nothing and just relax.

Be strong: Once you have decided to give away something stick with it. If something has not been used for years, there is a chance it will never be used again. Throw it in the box and get rid of it.

Do not stuff your clothes that you wore decades ago. Fashion changes and so does style. Give them away. And yes this also means your favorite t-shirt that you wore as a kid.

When going through things try not to get too sentimental. It will delay things and make it difficult for you to give things away. Be practical and quick. The more you think over something, the more you would want to keep it.

Tip: Make it a rule that once something has been packed as a giveaway, never bring it back. No matter how important that was or how many memories you have attached to it.

Donate things: Instead of selling your old things in a garage sale of some sort, try to donate them away to the ones who are not privileged enough. The facts that your things will be going to someone needy, for whom they would hold more value than you will motivate you. This would drive you to get rid of most of your useless, old things that you have been hoarding in the attic for no reason at all.

We all know that decluttering can be one of the most boring and stressing tasks. Going through years old stuff and throwing this away that hold so much sentimental value to you. Having your whole room tore down in front of you before piling it up back again, brick by brick, in an organized manner, can be extremely strenuous. Just be motivated enough to not give up. The list that we have compiled for you will make your life easier.

Following these steps you for sure will be able to get done with the task way before than you had anticipated.

Happy decluttering!

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