Steam Cleaning...Is It Just a Trend or More?

By now I'm sure you've heard of the new piece of cleaning equipment that is taking the housekeeping nation by storm...the incredible steam cleaning mop! Now before you say "oh well I don't need a mop I already have one," you need to hear the advantages of using steam to clean and how its uses are not limited to mopping floors.

First off, cleaning with steam is undoubtedly more hygienic than a mop and bucket. More bonuses include not requiring any extra cleaning solution, being kinder to the environment, and speeding up cleaning time.

  • Steam is helpful in cleaning because the hot vapour penetrates the pores of the material letting the mop deep clean in ways that normal chemicals can't match.

  • Another advantage is that the hot vapour is a natural way to kill dust mites and get rid of mould. It's more effective than harmful toxins and harsh chemicals.

Steam cleaning mops have multiple uses so they aren't limited to cleaning floors.

  • They can be used in the bathroom on tiled floors and are especially effective on cleaning grout.

  • The steam is also helpful on getting pet stains out of different types of materials. Some mops even come with an ironing attachment that can iron clothing and refresh coats. Again other mops can come with cloth kits that are useful for cleaning windows and mirrors, it can give the glass a streak-free shine.

Now you're probably wondering how to even choose a new steam mop for your household because it seems like there are a million different choices out there. It's very important to do your research on brands and models, not only to see what the companies say about their product, but also read customers reviews. Reading other customer's comments is helpful, it lets you know the public's real feelings about the product. Just remember when you're ready to buy your new steam mop that you've thoroughly researched it and are happy with the reviews it has received.

So, it's pretty clear that steam cleaning is not just a trend, it's the new revolutionary cleaning technique that is sweeping the nation. It might not be for you and your household but it's still worth checking out. Happy mop shopping!


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