Innovative Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Clean Your Whole House!

Did you know that coconut oil is becoming a cleaning tool that can be more effective than store bought chemicals? It's a bonus because this method is all natural with no harsh smells or chemicals. Many people have heard of the other benefits that coconut oil can proved like teeth whitening, hair conditioning, and face moisturising, but now people have found a way to clean your home with the oil. Here are some insanely useful tips on how to use cold pressed coconut oil to clean your home!

1. Use it as a leather polisher

If you have a leather arm chair that looks like it has seen better days and could use some new shine, take a small amount of pure pressed coconut oil and with a dry cloth massage it into the leather. Then once done just give it a quick wipe down with another clean dry cloth and your leather chair will look brand new.

2. Remove wall markings

Got a youngster who likes to run around and draw on the walls with crayons? Take a dry cloth with a small bit of coconut oil and rub it on the crayon marks, it should effectively remove those drawings and get your wall back to the way they're supposed to be!

3. Polish different types of furniture

If you have wood work or a wooden table that has lots of surface scratches it could be beneficial to use coconut oil with a dry cloth to help polish the wood to give it the shine it once had. Using coconut oil as a furniture polish is a non-toxic way to help make your home sparkle.

4. Get rid of floor scuff marks

If you have any scuff marks on your floor, a tiny bit of coconut oil can do the trick to lift that mark away!

5. Sanitise wood cutting boards

If you have a wooden cutting board in your kitchen it could be helpful to use a small amount of coconut oil to clean it. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid, all of which are effective in fighting bacteria and bacteria build-up.

Other benefits of coconut oil include:

  • Conditioning your hair

  • Whitening your teeth

  • Moisturizing your skin

  • Cooking with it, instead of other fatty oils

  • A great bath soak (when added with Epsom salts)

  • Soothing itchy bug bites

  • Removing gum from hair

  • Fixing squeaky hinges

  • Removing labels or sticky residue from surfaces

The uses for coconut oil go on and on, these are only SOME of the amazing uses of this product. Hopefully some of these tips have peaked your interest and maybe next time you're at the store you'll pick up a jar of cold pressed organic coconut oil!

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