Make your own soap!

What would you do if you had a little time to your self. If you could give the house work to someone else to do just for a morning. What would you do with your time.

How about making your own soap or bath products ?

One of our favourite things to do at home is make our own soaps and bath bombs. We love the fresh smell of a clean home and a clean and shinny me... Why not also destress and spend some time on your own or with your children making bath bombs, lip balm a soap bar! So easy to do and it its like making cakes but minus the calories. I love making cakes and cup cakes but have eaten a few to many in my adult life... Hence we are onto making SOAPS they taste awful but smell lovely and make my house smell lovely too...

Some links of useful sites to buy your base ingredients from get inspiration.

Go on book a cleaner or some help and spend the morning making soap!

#Timeforme #Soapmaking #Tips #DIYcleaningproducts

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