Moving to Teddington

So you are moving to Teddington!

This blog post will help you learn about Teddington. Having lived in Teddington for 10 years I think I am well equipped to tell you about all the things you need to know.

Welcome to the town with two high streets! Yes Teddington has a High Street and a Broad Street and everyone gets confused. It is essentially split by the railway line bridge/hump.

Cleaners in Teddington

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Coffee Shops

First things first - You will need some good coffee haunts to meet some of the locals and do some people watching! There are a few chains and boring regular coffee shops like Nero, Costa, Carluccio's etc... but there are a few really cool independent shops.

If you like good coffee look no further than Woof Coffee shop opposite Tesco.

They do a great cup of coffee and the guys there are super friendly and eager to please. It is small and always very busy but a great place to stop in for an excellent cup of coffee and light meal or snack.

Woof Coffee Shop - 31 Broad St, Teddington TW11 8QZ

If you want a coffee shop in Teddington that is a bit bigger and very trendy - look no further than the Fallow Deer! Also great coffee and well know for its breakfasts - they open up early which is a good thing as you can struggle to get a table so get their early especially after Teddington Schools drop off in the morning. This is a firm favourite of Teddington Mum's for the area.

Fallow Deer - 130 High Street, Teddington, TW11 8JB

Gym's / Health Club

First you will need to decide what you want. Do you just want a gym or do you want a health club.

he LensburyThe LensburyTeddington Pools has a gym and above Tesco's is also a gym. These are basic good Gyms and you will be happy there if you just want a work out - I have been a member at all of them and they good in terms of being a basic gym. If how ever you are after a health club look no further than t is a very exclusive special club in Teddington that is situated right on the Thames and has a lovely boat house, gym, soft play area and pool. Food is average and there tends to be a Mexican stand off between the bridge players and the work from home crowd but other than that it is a great place to spend your leisure time. If you want and out door pool go to the David Lloyd in Hampton. I have been a member at both and would say we used the Lensbury more than we did David Lloyd as I found the Lensbury a better fit for families and closer and easier to get to than David Lloyd.

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About Teddington Primary Schools

You have 5 main state schools in Teddington

Collis Primary School - My children went to Collis so i will be a bit biased and say it is a great community school and when we first moved to Teddington i was told it was a very community orientated school. This is all true - it has something to do with how the school is situated and laid out. You have toi walk your children into the school and wait for them to go in. This then results in chats at the school gate. There is a big PTA called the CSA and the school boast about 850 children from Nursery to year 6. It is a mixed sex school. It also has the largest playing fields out of all the schools. This has had a consist Outstanding Ofsted for years now. Even with a change in hte head.

St Mary's and St Peters

SMSP as it is referred to equally turns out lovely children. I have met and dealt with several children form SMSP and they are on a par with Collis children. Rated outstanding on its last Ofsted. It does not have a massive playing field or are big a foot print in terms of area like Collis or Stanley. This has had a consist like Collis Outstanding Ofsted for years.

Stanley School Stanley school is a great school that has just had a full revamp. This is a bit of mixed school in terms of children and results and Stanley has not faired well in Oftsed lately. Stanley is a large school. Also has 850 children and a large footprint.

Sacred Heart

This is a Catholic School. It has had a consistent Good Ofsted for several years. I have never heard anything bad about Sacred heart. It is a small school with a 2 form entry. Also takes children from Nursery all the way to year 6.

Hampton Wick Infants and St John the Baptist.

Hampton wick children will normally feed into Collis or St John's. I have heard that over the years there has been a high churn of teachers. However it has also had a consist Good Ofstead rating for years.

About Teddington Secondary School

There are less choices when it comes to secondary Schools.

You have a choice of 3

Waldergrave - depending where you live in Teddington - this has a very small catchment. This is one of the top 10% schools in the country but is only single sex. All girls school. This school is a bit like marmite. Some LOVE it some don't. This school has had a consistent Outstanding Ofsted rating.

Turing House - this is a fairly new school but has a very impressive head. It has a few things going for it - as in smaller classes and fresh blood. However it will be moving buildings for a few years until as a building is built for it in Whitton (odd i know - but only place they could build a school - so children will be bussed in from Teddington.) So far results are good and it is a real mix of children.

Teddington School

Probably the jewel of Teddington if only it was managed better. It had a massive cash injections a-few years ago and had a new building built - which is very impressive and inspiring place to be. Amazing sports facilities right on the river beautiful area however with all of this going for it - it fails its Ofsted!

Really disappointing - It is said the head took his eye off the prize... It now has a new head who seems impressive and it will take a few years for them to bring the school back up to scratch. I know a few Teddington School children and most of them are very nice and well turned out individuals so I cant say i've seen anything bad.

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