What do our cleaners do? 

What kind of service do we run?

We run a platform (website) that helps tried and test cleaner or service providers who are self-employed to find work and get booked easily without having to have cash on hand or the awkward handing over of cash.

All our cleaners are trained for two weeks and screened to ensure we have selected the right kind of service providers. We only allow the best service providers on our platform.


General duties that can be asked of a domestic cleaner:

It is important to keep in mind the amount of time you have booked a cleaner for.

  • Dusting, polishing of shelves, picture frames, etc

  • Cleaning of toilets

  • Cleaning of bathrooms

  • Cleaning of kitchen

  • Vacuuming

  • Mopping

  • Change bedding

  • Empty all internal bins, including main kitchen waste

  • Ironing

  • Washing of dishes/loading of dishwashers


What else can I ask a domestic cleaner to do?

This depends again on how much time they have left.

It is important to keep in mind that some cleaners might have another client to go to after your service. If you would like the cleaner to stay longer it is important to check with her and keep in mind any additional time will be billed for automatically. If the list is too extensive for the amount of time you required to understand something will not get done. They are not robots and can only do so much in allocated time. For example: If you have a 3 bedroom house please don't expect them to clean it from head to toe and then do a massive pile of ironing in 2 hours. It just won't all get done in that time frame. Please see recommendations for how many hours you should book for <<here>>


It is normally ok to ask them the following:

  • Polishing silver or brass

  • Cleaning of internal windows

  • Washing and special care cleaning of ornaments

  • To fold washing and put it away

  • Help you de-clutter

  • Tidy up an area

If you are unsure about anything contact us <<here>>


Domestic cleaning bookings

They will not do the following: 

  • Wash cloths by hand

  • Work with bleach

  • Walk your dog *

  • Look after your children *

  • Mow the lawn*

  • Clean the garden*

  • Clean your windows above the ground floor from the outside.

  • Do your supermarket shopping

  • Chop wood 

  • Clean your home on their hands and knees because you do not have a mop or broom

  • Unblock your toilet 

  • Sew a button

  • Clean out and do a water change on your fish tank and refill it - we can do a small goldfish bowl but not an entire tank. 

  • Clean your 5 bedroom house in 2 hours

  • Pull your fridge or washing machine out to clean behind it! - In the fridge and washing machine but not behind it. 

  • Dress up in a maids outfit - the skimpy kind! ( No - try a different company please )

* = We offer these services separately - please book them online or ring us.


Please see our Terms and conditions page for more in-depth details.